Pixi: sartorial, cozy, functional

A sofa with infinite possibilities

The elegant aesthetics of the design merges with the comfort of the seat for a sofa with infinite possibilities, so was born Pixi, a seating system composed of different elements that can be combined with each other. 

In the same composition you can join squared elements to the chaise-longue with curved terminal, poufs and seats, to create new combinations that allow you to reinterpret the living area.

The six different modules in shape and depth are combined thanks to a patented system that allows you to hook and unhook each seat in total safety and very easily, modifying in a few minutes proportions, seats and spaces.

To complete the compositions a series of cushions of different sizes, equipped with an exclusive headrest, that can be positioned freely allowing use in different solutions and thus adding further comfort to the seats.

Liu Jo logo runs on the perimeter of all elements, customizing the base covering thanks to the elastic straps included and available in three different shades: clay, cobalt and shade.

The corner backrest is connected in a single solution with the armrests and welcomes the guest in an enveloping embrace.

The artisanal production and the meticulous attention to detail make it an object of unquestionable beauty and refinement.

Pixi Sectional Sofa

Design: Simone Cagnazzo