Soft Island, easy chic transformism

Eclectic and transformative, essential and multitasking

Harmony and creativity: Soft Island is a sofa, armchair, pouf, and bed, all declined with an easy chic style for a transformist living with an outdoor vocation. A sofa with a soft and enveloping design that becomes alternately, a bed or a large island to live in freedom, simply by flipping the reclining backrest with a single movement reminiscent of “a blink of an eye.”

The perfect mix of form and function, between the extreme cleanliness of the lines combined with the practicality of interchangeable covers, allows you to play with the endless possible combinations, characterizing, as needed, any home or professional environment.

Designed to meet the needs for versatility typical of industrial and metropolitan spaces, Soft Island amazes with its ability to adapt perfectly to more classic and charming settings.

In the outdoor version, it finds its ideal location in green areas, spas, and poolside. Color choices and volumes create an elegant and contemporary atmosphere. The construction and innovative mono-material technique ensure soft and resilient comfort while maintaining excellent structural characteristics of stability and durability. Pleasantly surprising are the details that enrich the essentiality of the sinuous shape, such as the macro zippers and the special thread that enhances the profile. Both the Soft Island armchair and sofa are available in Indoor and Outdoor versions, with the covers featured in the collection.

The easy removable cover allows for a quick change of clothes, which enables the different textures to be adapted to the style and colors of the environments in which Soft Island is placed. Folded into the two included pillows is the special bed set, consisting of the custom-made sheet, the matching pillowcase and a lightweight quilt: everything you need to dress Soft Island in the bed version at your fingertips but at the same time carefully responded to and in order.

All Ensemble Caillou accessories are compatible with the Soft Island sofa and armchair

It is designed for resting, relaxing, sharing time with friends, and rethinking and reinventing home and professional environments every day. Easily interchangeable covers allow it to be transformed and adapted to different designs, colors, and furnishing styles throughout the year, environments and living spaces changing each season with the lightness, speed, and vanity with which a dress is changed!

Soft Island Indoor Sofa

Soft Island Outdoor Sofa