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Riva Outdoor Sofa #1
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The Riva collection, designed by Simone Cagnazzo for Liu Jo Living, is distinguished by its creative approach that marries a metal frame, treated with cataphoresis varnish, with a system of unrestrained cushions.

The balance between the different densities of the upholstery offers a high degree of softness and comfort, while the combination of fresh colors for textures and vibrant fabric patterns creates a light and welcoming atmosphere.


The special cataphoresis treatment gives the metal a very high resistance to corrosion and makes the sofas and Love Seat in the collection also ideal for outdoor spaces, as the materials used have been processed to resist the effects of sun, rain and moisture.

An important feature of the Riva elements is the possibility of removing the cushions: leaving room for future interpretations through the renewal of the covers Liu Jo Living guarantees practicality and a design that is always up-to-date.

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