Soft Island Indoor

Design: Simone Cagnazzo
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Eclecticism and creativity: Soft Island is sofa, armchair, pouf, bed. The essential easy chic that transforms any environment with a touch.

Data sheet (pdf, 972.2 KB)

A sofa with a soft and enveloping design that alternately becomes, a bed or a large island to live in freedom, simply flipping the reclining backrest with a single movement reminiscent of a blink of an eye.

The easy wearability allows a quick change of clothes, that allows you to adapt the different textures to the style and colors of the environments in which Soft Island is placed.

In the two cushions supplied is folded the special set bed, composed by tailored sheets, by coordinated pillowcase and by a light quilt: everything you need to dress Soft Island in the bed version, at your fingertips, but at the same time carefully placed and in order.

Change scheme, experiment: the invention of simplicity available to the imagination.

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