Ensemble Caillou, new shapes for infinite combinations

Eclettico e trasformista, essenziale e multitasking

Eclectic and transformative, essential and multitasking: Ensemble Caillou tells a new way of living the spaces of your home, study, relaxation and fun. It’s a couch, a seat, a bed. All this and much more enclosed in a concept developed on 4 elements living together linked by a subtle balance between them, whose bond is not inseparable. 

The perfect mix of form and functionality, between the extreme cleanliness of the lines combined with the practicality of interchangeable coatings allow you to play with infinite possible combinations, characterizing, according to needs, every domestic or professional environment.


Carpet made of heat-resistant polyester fiber to “isolate” the flooring and always have maximum comfort. 


Composed of resistant yarns and foams that make it precious but at the same time comfortable, PAD is a versatile and functional object, a real mattress, perfect for moments of relaxation, but also ideal to manage the arrival of unexpected guests.  

Caillou e Mini Caillou

The must-have accessories able to transform every space and occasion of use, always ensuring a feeling of complete comfort. The base of Caillou is refined with a special technical fabric designed to prevent slipping. So, as well as a comfortable ottoman, Caillou becomes backrest and makes the Ensemble the preferred place for study, reading, relaxation and recreation.  

Ensemble Caillou can be used as a seat, or as a daybed.

It’s designed for rest, relaxation, to share time with friends and to rethink and reinvent every day domestic and professional environments. Easily interchangeable coatings allow you to transform it and adapt it to different designs, colors and styles of furniture during the year, environments and living that change every season with the lightness, speed and vanity with which you change a dress! 

Ensemble Caillou Indoor

Design: Simone Cagnazzo

Ensemble Caillou Outdoor

Design: Simone Cagnazzo